Serra International

Serra International

Serrans accept as their responsibility the promotion of vocations to the priesthood and religious life. They possess a deep appreciation of the ministerial priesthood as being essential to the Church. “Serrans have been generous in offering their support to those who hear the call to serve Christ in the priesthood”. — Pope John Paul II.


As a part of Beracha’s work with Serra International, Beracha’s Design group  met with leaders and board members to compile a list of objectives, perceived branding needs and specifications which would translate into the 2015 face representing approximately 800 clubs, regions, counsels, districts, as well as, approximately 35,000 members in over 50 countries and 5 languages.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Serra International needed a rushed deadline for an initial release in July, 2015. Subsequent phased releases are scheduled over the next 12 months which will impact the design for their public web site in addition to their secure member portal, their nSpire donations system, as well as, print collaterals…all being created by Beracha’s Design Services group.


Interactive on-line video training for users and members is being provided in Phase III and is scheduled to start in January, 2016 through Beracha’s Design Video group.


Beracha’s Executive Director was invited to present at the Vatican in November. The Executive Council was so impressed with our mission, deliverables and design execution that they gave Beracha a standing ovation and a commitment to expand their work with us.


Beracha’s commitment to Serra International’s total satisfaction in service and design is more than a marketing quip. Beracha exists to “Serve Those Who Serve”. We do not do what Serrans do, but we partner with them to help Serrans do what they do even better.