Benefits (Cost and Market Expertise)

Benefits of Beracha's Shared Services 


The benefits of Beracha's shared services are amazing. SHOCK ALERT: In the for-profit world, our shared services consultants bill out for between $300 and as much as $600 p/hour. When working with for-profit companies, they command the usual market rates. Through Beracha, however, the same exact people can be available for as little as $89 p/hour. Why do we do this? How is this possible? Are we supplanting with junior staffers instead of the expertise you actually need?


One of the benefits of working with Beracha, a non-profit organization just like yours, is that Beracha subsidizes (funds) much of the expertise you receive. This is who we are. This is our mission. This is what we do. We don't have any "bait and switch" tactics. Some of our consultants may recommend we can further lower your costs by making use of some lower-level individuals for some work because all our consultants have a quiver full of assets, but the choice is solely yours.


In addition to incredible subsidies and funding from Beracha, your organization pays nothing for:

  • benefits
  • vacations
  • sick leave
  • insurance
  • healthcare
  • retirement
  • social security
  • unemployment compensation
  • taxes
  • disability
  • severance

Beracha's shared services plans are designed with your best interests in mind.


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