Beracha was approached to design a new site for SwimMAC, an organization dedicated to training all levels of swimmers—from toddlers to Olympians. SwimMAC’s clients include Olympians Ryan Ryan Lochte, Tyler Clary, Cammile Adams, Katie Meili, Micah Lawrence, and Michael Chadwick; and coaches include David Marsh, an Olympic and US National Team Coach. SwimMAC’s needs included the ability for their users to access the site on phones and tablets, as well as navigation that reduced time spent attempting to locate what they need to access.



Threee of the Six designs presented to the clientThree of the designs presented to the client



Beracha’s design team dug into the brand and the feedback given by SwimMAC in their 40 question survey, and developed several distinct concepts to fit their needs in design and function. The team determined that a multicolumn navigational menu would be optimal to break up the navigation between the different branches of the organization.



Threee of the Six designs presented to the client

Multi-column navigation design due to the natural divisions between branches of the organization



Calendar and event systems were required, and SwimMAC requested a heavy emphasis on news stories in the second round of concepts and opted for featuring current news photography over more visually appealing branding images.


 Threee of the Six designs presented to the clientSmaller news-focused main banner (left) replaced full width brand-establishing imagery, and event system (right) was implemented for user convenience




This direction lead to the final concept with a news-focused banner area and a heavy emphasis on events and event types. Event types were given icons to allow the user to immediately distinguish meets from tournaments from training sessions from social events. The result can be seen here.


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