A Time To Heal

Randy Creamer approached Beracha and tasked us with the creation of a Blog after having major open heart surgery. He wrote an article that sums up his new found perspective very well, “Get busy living or get busy dying”. Randy makes the point to not take life for granted and to treat each day as an opportunity to live life to the fullest. It was this mission and purpose that Randy brought to the team and the reason that Beracha wanted to help him tell his story. Randy was looking for a blog site that had a modern feel but was simple and easy to use. The design team quickly put together designs that employed simple, straightforward design while employing the aesthetic he requested. 



Threee of the Six designs presented to the client


Two of the original designs presented to the client



Additionally a new logo was created and the theme reworked during the revision phase. Randy also wanted his blog to be responsive and to be available to his audience on any device. So further revisions went into the finalized concept to optimize the design for mobile and tablet experiences. 



Threee of the Six designs presented to the client


New look and feel with the new logo incorporated into the design



This lead to the linear layout with new blog entries taking the forefront as they were posted and categorized subpages that would make his previous stories easily accessible and found. The final result can be seen here.



Threee of the Six designs presented to the client


Linear layout and design optimized for mobile and tablet



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