Break / Fix Support

Break / Fix support is the classic form of support. You have a need... you call, e-mail or request support via a support ticket form and we respond. The time of our response depends upon your urgency and need. If it is not an emergency need and it could wait up to less than 4 hours for our interaction, then you simply request Tier II Support which is guaranteed to be handled by Beracha in less than 4 hours or else what is needed will be provided for free. Tier II Support is provided between 8 am and 5 pm (eastern) M-F.   This is a non-nonsense guarantee that we stand behind.


If you need a personal appointment, just make the request 24 hours in advance and we'll schedule it for an exact date and time. If 8 am - 5 pm (eastern) doesn't work for you and you want an appointment for between 6 am and 11 pm (eastern). Just ask and we'll make it happen.  


If your need is an emergency then you simply request Emergency Support which is guaranteed to be handled immediately by Beracha. Your emergency is our emergency. We put you to the front of the line 24/7/365. An all points bulletin (APB) goes out to absolutely everyone of our support technicians and we handle your emergency event expeditiously.


We can talk Break / Fix all day long, but we strongly recommend you consider a more proactive approach which can nearly eliminate a need to call us:


Beracha Managed Services.