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Traditional Models Just Don't Work Anymore


Old-school marketing strategies and sales channels are simply ignored. 86% of people skip TV commercials, most people don't open half of their mail. All of these old technologies are losing traction and are impersonal.

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Our Model

Beracha seeks to be a holistic partner that provides smart and strategic solutions through our innovative products. Our products are designed to transform and evolve the way you do business. We focus on enterprise solutions that provide a personalized experience to your customers. Personalization adapts a customer's experience to their interests and gives you opportunities to connect with them. Otherwise your just another TV commercial on fast-forward. We will help you transform your process into an effective marketing tool.

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See the advantage of digital transformation when you use nSpire

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Meet Jerry. Imagine Jerry is the Marketing Director at an organization that helps raise money for prosthetics for children and is a Beracha client.

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Meet Becca. Imagine Becca is a potential donor looking for a good cause to donate to in her area.

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Jerry sets up a fundraiser for a child in need that was born without a leg and can not afford a prosthetic. Using Beracha’s nSpire software, setting up the fundraiser was easy.

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Becca goes to Google to look for non-profits that help children and easily finds the fundraiser Jerry made.

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Becca briefly reads about the child’s struggles and then clicks on a short video where she learns how a prosthetic leg would greatly improve this child’s life.

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After watching the video Becca is so moved that she clicks the Facebook social share button provided by nSpire and tells her family and friends.

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Then Becca clicks on donate and decides to give $100 after filling out some brief payment information. Right after, she recieves an email thanking her and inviting her to log in for a tax deductible receipt.

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A few weeks go by and Becca gets an email letting her know that the child has almost hit their goal. She is so excited for the child and clicks the link in the email which brings her back to the fundraiser.

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Becca decides to donate $500 this time and clicks on the donate button. Since she logged in last time she has no information to fill out and simply hits complete and sees the progress bar go up to 100% after her donation.

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Since Becca’s gift was $500 or greater, Jerry gets a notification of the large gift and Jerry reaches out to Becca to thank her for helping improve this child’s life.

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Jerry and Becca are filled with joy for being able to help this child afford the prosthetic and change a life.

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